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Book Non Surgical Liposuction

Free Private Consultation 

The reason our free Non Surgical Liposuction consultation is so popular is because there is no better way to get personalised information from the leading body contouring clinic in Sydney, who genuinely care.

The before and after photos below are one of our post baby mothers utilising the VelaShape III for body contouring (fat reduction) and skin tightening after having a baby. *



You have probably done your research and found that VelaShape III is the only FDA approved device for circumfrence reduction and is the gold standard in the industry. We can show you how the VelaShape III device works and why it is the best.


We look forward to meeting you

Whether you exercise regularly but have some areas of fat that are hard to sift or you are looking for an alternative to agressive liposuction surgery with much lower risks, you will feel confident at Smoother Skin Clinic Sydney.